My Favourite Android Emulators

Android emualtors for pc

Android Emulators are gaining popularity because it serves multiple purposes, benefiting developers and serious gamers. Developers use the software to debug Android Apps and some use it to test custom ROM from the convenience of their desktops. But the emulators are even more popular among gamers who can access and play many Android games from the Google Play Store right on their wide, high-resolution laptop or desktop screen, using a regular keyboard and mouse. There are several Android Emulators available today, with many of them free and some offering introductory free trials, but like any specialized software, only a select number of emulators live up to its lofty claims.

The select list of the best Android Emulators that work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 PCs are detailed below:


The Bluestacks Android Emulator has held on to its position as one of the best Android emulators for a PC for a long time. The company has been doing an enviable job of regularly updating and refining the emulator to keep it up to date with the latest Android version. The current Bluestacks emulator version works with Android 7.1.2 Nougat, but the company has already announced the launch of Bluestacks version 5- a new gaming engine based on the latest Android Oreo version. That makes it one of the best emulators for serious gamers who like to play high-quality games like RAID or Fortnite on a larger, higher-resolution PC screen. They have even taken care of the technical compatibility as it works with all the available versions of Windows hardware with Intel or AMD CPUs.

The other important functional fact about Bluestacks Emulator is that the software can be used to open and access any general-use Android App on all versions of the Windows PC. The company claims its software provides consistent superior performance over the others since they offer an AI-supported gaming experience with unique platform features like key mapping and multi-instance to stand out from the competition.

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These emulators are great for someone looking to have just a great gaming experience on a larger desktop screen and are not interested in accessing general-purpose Android Apps. Gameloop Emulators have been proven to offer the best performance when it involves exclusive gaming activities. This dedicated game-playing emulator can be used by professional gaming developers or gamers who want to play Android mobile games on a larger screen.

MEmu Play

MEmu has also made its mark when it comes to the best emulators on offer currently. Its emulator is loaded with many useful features, and its software is compatible with PC hardware built with both Intel and AMD processor chips. This emulator, other than being optimized to support gameplay, is also optimized to run multiple Apps and Android versions simultaneously. Besides its superior gaming performance, it also works well for general app use.

Nox Player

Nox Player

This innovative emulator has proven to offer a wide range of features, and the software is not just limited to helping play games. The defining feature of the Nox Player emulator is its user-friendly interface which transcends other competing Android emulators. Preloaded features like its built-in controller compatibility and ability to adjust to any Android device make it stand out from the rest in its category. One can use its multi-drive feature to run on multiple Android versions without any issues. The defining feature that makes the Nox Player one of the best emulators is the feature to get root access enabled right from the settings.

Remix OS Player

When choosing the right emulator, the focus should be on the stability of the software to extract optimal performance every time to give a great gaming experience. The Remix OS outperforms on all fronts and has been rated as one of the most stable emulators available today. Also, unlike the others, it offers full OS replacement based on the Android system on your desktop running the Windows OS system. It has other desirable features like Google Play support and button mapping. The user can manually change location and and network settings and even regulate signal strength to extract better performance.